Sunday, February 17, 2008

Why Should We Employ You?

Expect this question to be asked at the beginning phase of an interview. By asking this question, the interviewer desires to know how are you taking your being candidate to the position. Proper handling of this question highlights your importance for the position. So be careful while answering this question. I have tried to provide you some hints here.

1. Prepare your answer to attack the organization's major intention. For example, if they need a good accountant, you must say- I have sound knowledge of accounting.

2. Justify your declaration by backing your experiences. For example, the accountant says- I have much experience of having worked as a competent accountant.

3. Now shortly elaborate your experience. You might like to say- I have done accounting in for .

4. Tell how your previous employer evaluated your job. Tell them about the time you were appreciated for your work. But be careful to not mention more than one story. So pick and determine the most precious story before you go for an interview.

5. Now this is time to drop two or three points about your personality. You can say- I am hard working and self starting.

Besides following these points, there are some points to be careful about.

1. Don’t stress them to hire you.

2. Never use unusual words like ‘most intelligent’, ‘most deserving’ etc.

3. Do not make your answer full of sentences like ‘I am the best accountant’ or ‘I am the hardest working’. Use of such sentences makes bad impression if they are used unusually.
4. Don’t forget about your time limitation. You have not only this question to answer; tough ones are still to come.
Everything is relative. My tips are too. They only help you see the big picture. Have your said in the comments please. You can contact me at

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